Family Visa in the UAE

A family visa, also known as a residence visa for family members, is a vital document that allows the spouse, children, and other eligible dependents of UAE residents to live legally in the country. Whether you are a resident expatriate or a UAE national, sponsoring family members for residency is a significant milestone in establishing a stable and fulfilling life in the UAE.

Family Visa Requirements

To apply for a family visa in the UAE, applicants must fulfill certain requirements, including:

Sponsorship Eligibility

The sponsor must meet the eligibility criteria set by the UAE government, such as having a valid residency visa and meeting minimum income requirements.

Relationship Documentation

Applicants must provide documentary evidence of their relationship with the sponsor, including marriage certificates, birth certificates for children, and other relevant documents.

Financial Stability

Sponsors must demonstrate financial stability and the ability to support their family members financially while residing in the UAE.

Family Visa Process in the UAE

The process of obtaining a family visa in the UAE involves several steps:

Application Submission

Our experienced consultants at Embiz will assist you in preparing and submitting the visa application to the relevant authorities in the UAE.

Document Verification

Authorities will verify the submitted documents, conduct background checks, and review the eligibility of the sponsor and applicants.

Medical Examination

Family members may be required to undergo a medical examination at approved clinics or hospitals in the UAE to ensure they meet the health requirements for residency.

Visa Issuance

Upon approval of the visa application, family members will receive their residence visas, allowing them to legally reside in the UAE under the sponsor's sponsorship.

Family Visa Renewal

We also offer assistance with family visa renewal services, ensuring that your family members can continue to enjoy residency in the UAE without interruption.

Family Visa Cost in Dubai

The cost of obtaining a family visa in Dubai varies depending on factors such as government fees, medical examination costs, and other related expenses. Our consultants at Embiz will provide you with a transparent breakdown of the costs involved, ensuring clarity and affordability throughout the visa application process.